Sunday, July 12, 2009


1.architecture of .net
2.What is IL and CLR
3.Collections -Arrary, array list , hash array
4.How can we handile exception in .Net and SQL server--
5.Tell me simple steps to bind a grid using sql connection
6.State management-
7.Diff b/w Session and application memory
8.How to swap 2 values with out using temp
9.Overriding and Overloading
10. Dataset and reader...
11. Can we run all versions of .Net applications in same server.
12.One array size is 100, i have entered 99 records(Numbers from 1 to 100) in that array, how can i find missed value.
13.I have 2 arrays with diff size, i want to dispaly matched records and unmatched recores.
14..Net is plat form independent.
15. Tell me what are the namespaces we use to work with ajax. (Ans: System.Web.Extensions, System.Web.Extensions.Design)
16. Can my application can have more that 1 .config files...YES
17.Can i have more that one DLL with same name in my system. Ans)Yes in GAC it is possible
18.Diff b/w EXE and DLL
19.How can we improve application erformance.
22. architecture of u r current application. how can u support u r architecture is sutable for u r aplication. can we call webservices.

Tell u have a knowledge on workflows.....which u have..
1.what is workflow.
2.what is the use of workflows

Diff b/w function and SP in SQL
New features in sql 2005 that 2000
what is index in sql and advantages, diss adva?

How to get inserted row identity value from Database in SP?
If you are using SQL Server 7.0, simply change the line in the stored procedure from ...


... to ...


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